The story of Sacoor Brothers cannot be told without mentioning the cherished dream of four brothers, whom in November 15th 1989 embarked upon an incredible adventure to build a brand that curates a fashionable lifestyle synonymous with quality, design, value, service and above all elegance. Values that have made the brand a major global fashion house, seen in upmarket fashion capitals all over the world.

Sacoor Brothers started out as a small fashion retail store that sold clothes exclusively for men. It was located right in the heart of the European capital of Lisbon, on a busy street where the smell of freshly brewed espressos and delicious pastries filled the air. Even today, the brand offers its customers espressos as they are welcomed to lounge and feel right at home while they shop for their favourite styles. The brand is proud to bring lifestyle through a unique retail experience, along with our in-house complimentary tailoring service to ensure customers receive a perfect fit.

Service and experience are at the core of the company’s DNA. A passion that has lead the brothers to continuously design high-quality collections combined with an excellent and ever improving service. There are no secrets to this, as it is the company’s commitment to train its employees in the Sacoor Business School method in the warm and welcoming spirit of the Portuguese people. A successful strategy that promptly attracted loyal customers and business growth.

It was in 1997 when Sacoor Brothers opened its first shopping mall store in Lisbon, at the time the biggest of its kind in Europe. The challenge was great, and in fact, there was a lot to be learned from this experience, as the entire shirts collection projected for the first season was sold out in just 15 days after opening. This was an obvious sign that much work had to be done to improve sales forecasts, logistics and organization, but more importantly it showed there was a positive demand from customers.

After mastering the art of dressing men, Sacoor Brothers extended its core business and began creating collections for its Sacoor Woman line in 2001, available in Sacoor Brothers boutiques. The fashion house then identified the need to offer its distinguished style to boys and girls, propelling the opening of dedicated kids’ stores in 2014. Now the entire family has access to being dressed by the well-loved brand.

As the brand grew to satisfy the fashion needs of its demanding customers, so did the need to partner with famous local and Hollywood celebrities, athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo as well as international football clubs like FC Barcelona, in order to gain global recognition in international markets. These celebrity partnerships allowed Sacoor Brothers to gain strength to begin its international expansion in 2007 that launched in Spain and the United Arab Emirates.

Now proudly present in over 13 different countries, Sacoor Brothers recently celebrated the opening of its 100th location. Men, Women and Kids can experience the world of Sacoor in Portugal, Spain, UK, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Sacoor Brothers is not satisfied with just making apparel. We set out to craft pieces that reflect emotion, aesthetics and a deep appreciation for culture. The end result is seen in timeless pieces rich in history and tradition, yet perfectly modern.

Today, Sacoor Brothers is a premium brand, offering ‘defining’ refinement to those who appreciate timeless elegance. What began with a small store in Lisbon has now grown into an internationally recognized brand that invites customers to enjoy a remarkable retail experience with a distinguished spirit of fashion.