Services of Excellence

From the very beginning, Sacoor Brothers defined it’s mission to be more than a company that sells clothes. Sacoor Brothers identifies itself as a brand that wants to make people feel special through remarkable moments.

Our ultimate priority is focused on the service given to our customers, all of which translate into glamour and lifestyle. Guided by the vision of "Making people feel special through remarkable moments", Sacoor Brothers distinguishes its utmost Services of Excellence with passion making it a differentiator. It is with pride that the company is dedicated to constantly raising its standard of services and invites its customers around the world to enjoy a remarkable shopping experience upon each visit. Enter a Sacoor Brothers boutique and find an environment that is not only aesthetically beautiful to the eye but also extremely comfortable and welcoming. Each store has been carefully designed to create a warm ‘coming home’ feeling. It’s like walking into a personal living room.

An experience at a Sacoor Brothers Boutique is like no other, treat yourself with our one of a kind services:

Personalized Treatment

All the details that enhance our quality of service and the shopping experience are carefully thought of and planned with precision. We believe that customers deserve a truly personalized and exclusive treatment in all of our Sacoor Brothers boutiques. Customers will immediately notice the difference as the enter, with the attention to detail they receive, and the feeling of belonging to the Sacoor Brothers universe.

Complimentary Tailoring

Sacoor Brothers prides itself if offering its customers Complimentary Tailoring on any item purchased. A customized alteration service is available at no additional cost, offering the perfect fit to suit each customer’s fitting needs.

Live Music

Our boutiques offer the perfect ambience for all your senses. Relax and enjoy the sounds of our live music, by either our talented pianists or saxophonists, bringing beautiful music to your ears while shopping. Mark these days in your calendar to experience a special afternoon or evening out.

Sacoor Caffe

Sip on a delicious Nespresso from our Sacoor Caffe while browsing our collections. Both espressos and bottled waters are complimentary, to provide you with the most relaxing shopping experience.

Gift Cards and Wrapping

Our Gift Cards and Gift Wrapping service is the easiest solution for all your occasion needs. Delight your loved ones with an elegant gift card and exquisite gift wrapping on any purchase. We make gift giving effortless and impressive.


Magical Services at Sacoor Kids

Inside our Sacoor kids stores lie a magical world of wonder. Each kid store is beautifully designed to reflect a beach house, taking you away to a visit at the sea. From sea sounds, through panoramic pictures of the azure sea, to seashells and surfboards, our stores bring a seafront environment to life by combining various marine-inspired elements.


To ensure kids enjoy themselves as much as their parents, we have special trained loveable nannies in each Sacoor kids store. Shop in peace as your little one is carefully entertained by our nannies with our books, games and activities. This service is complimentary for you to have the most effortless experience. In fact, all our staff undergoes the same training to take the best care of and provide an optimal service to our little customers.


Enter our fun Playtents, an escape for every child to play, colour and read. The Tent promises to be a fun-filled interactive area with board games, toys, iPads and much, much more. A space designed to cater to the imaginative world of children and set them on a discovery voyage.


Each kid has the opportunity to take a special souvenir home. In the Sacoor kids Photobooth, not only they can take a picture of themselves, but also customize it with their name, print it and even send it by e-mail.

Made by You

Better than wearing one of our polos or shirts, is to have them customized with your child’s name or exclusive badge. In each Sacoor kids store, our little fashionistas can customize their unique polo and see the embroidery work its magic on the spot.

Sacoor Caffe

We offer the same service that proved to be so successful in Sacoor Brothers Stores, but with a twist. In the Sacoor kids store, in addition to our complimentary coffee and water for parents, kids are presented with orange juice and special treats.

Ipad counters

The main counter area was design to be an area for the kids too. Using a scaled version of the counter with an iPad instead of the usual POS iMac, we assure parents that their kids have a special place to enjoy themselves while keeping them company.

Complimentary Goodies

To end perfectly every visit to Sacoor kids’ store, each kid is offered a gift to take home. A fun Gift that is part of the collection prepared each season.